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What you should avoid doing or you will be sorry!
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Learn from an SEO video tutorial and not an old SEO book
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Search engine optimization algorithms are a hobby of mine and I am always ahead of the game. My step by step video tutorial explains the exact formula I use to achieve the #1 spot out of 3 billion (Billion with a 'B') competing sites and how you can do the same! Search engine traffic is one of the best Internet marketing strategies used to monitorize a site as the traffic is all free.


From the desk of: Chris Douthit

I have been doing search engine optimization sense 2003 and have marketed twenty plus of my own sites as well as hundreds of student sites to the first page Google and Bing.

However, before I had such success with search engines I was a struggling how to SEO marketer myself. I remember submitting my site to Google and then finding it on page 20 a few weeks later and thinking that was so cool that I was finally listed, but boy was I wrong.

First let me tell you, page 20 is not cool. You know what is cool... page 1, and more specify one of the top 3 listings on page 1. If you are not on page 1, chances are you are not going to be clicked on.

I was frustrated, I had a great product, but no one could find it with the SEO tips I knew.

So I finally decided to take action and meticulously test different SEO strategies to move my listing up on the search results list. Structure, keywords, linking and using only legitimate how to SEO strategies to increase my rank.

I Finally Cracked The Search Engine Code!

To my surprise only after about four weeks of studying and making changes I finally woke up and found my listing not only on page 1, but as the top listed site on page 1 for my main keyword. I only noticed it because I went to check my sales and they had instantly quadrupled in one day. I was shocked at the profits I saw, so decided to check my SEO rank and there it was, first page first spot!

At first I thought it was some kind of mistake, how long did I have before Google would realize they put the wrong site up at number 1 and then pull me down. For weeks I checked my site SEO rank daily wondering was this the day I would be moved back down the SEO ranks?

But that day never came, I would hold the number one spot for a solid 18 months before I was knocked down to number 2. And when that day finally happened you know what I thought?

Not that I was finally exposed like I may have thought the year earlier, not at all. My only thought was that my site is the legitimate number 1 listed site and someone has taken something from me. At this point I had learned many SEO tips, so it only took me a couple of weeks to get back what was mine and the rest is history.

So What Can You Expect From This SEO Tutorial?

I can show you the exact road map to search engine traffic so you can increase your SEO score and increase your passive income by leveraging free search engine traffic. Today I keep up with all SEO strategies and changes to make sure you know about them first!

My video tutorial trains you on the exact methods the search engine searches for. After watching the tutorial you too will be an expert on SEO marketing.

Here's what you don’t yet know, how to SEO is not difficult, and it’s actually quite easy if you know what you’re doing. If you start out doing SEO strategies right from the beginning it almost zero extra work to incorporate those SEO strategies into your site.

Want To See Proof?

And this just does not apply to Google, not at all, I can rank number one on Bing as well as other smaller search engines as well, they all bring me traffic and lots of it.

Ranking #1 for the term "Free Advertising", on Bing with 3 BILLION competing sites! That's Billion with a 'B'.

My website FreeAdvertisingExchange.com has ranked #1 for over three years with more than 3 billion competing pages. And this isn't some lame keyword that no one ever searches for that all these other SEO guys have been pushing around.

Can you imagine the impact of a #1 position in your main niche keywords would have on your conversion rates and profit? I get thousands of hits daily all for FREE and I can show you how to do the same.

How About From Someone Who Followed This Course?



We have just achieved a #1 listing

"Chris, your search engine optimization course is the absoulte truth behind high search engine rankings.  I have been implementing your teachings for about just over 60 days now and all I can say is WOW!

We have just achieved a #1 listing on Google for our main keyword phrase “bulk email marketing”. Currently we are listed as #2 on Bing. Way to go Chris you and your SEO course completely rocks!"

Larry Johnson



Page one, just made it

Hi Chris,

your SEO book was great, but this new SEO video tutorial you have has blown me away! It is so easy to follow and really anyone can do it if you know what you are doing. Now that I have your SEO guide I too am an search engine expert.

I was on page five when I first started your SEO tutorial, we just hit page one yesterday and I see no reason why I cannot move up to the top of the page here shortly.  Thanks again Chris your SEO tutorial is awesome.

David Canham



Cut Your Learning Curve

Look I’m going to be brutally honest here - I’ve worked hard and I’ve made mistakes along the way – yes I even used some fly by night techniques a number of years ago that got me penalised with Google!  Truth be told some of the over night listing methods others teach will get you banned quicker than you can say hoogle Google. Once banned from this search engine you’ll find it almost impossible to get your listing back. 

I’ve done the testing, I know what works, I know what does not work.  Now ask yourself is it worth to invest in your business, learn from someone who has been there and done that or is it best to do it on your own, make mistakes, pay a fortune on failed techniques?

The answer if you’re serious is quite clear…..

Here’s A Preview On What To Expect

  How to rank almost any website on the first page of search engines for your most popular niche keywords - the ones that are searched hundreds of thousands of times every day
  The best site architecture for your website so the search engine will love you
  Tracking traffic, where is it coming from and how to push results up almost overnight for your most profitable keywords
  Free tools to help you optimize your site for the best possible SEO ranking
  How to spy on your competitors and steal their most profitable keywords and use them as your own. SEO strategies applied!
  Plus a whole lot more, I have barely scratched the surface of what’s inside SEO Surge Solutions…


I have spent years refining how to do all of this and the fact is today its totally second nature to me. I have included everything - once you have gone through my SEO tutorial it will be second nature to you as well.

I have reduced all my teachings to simple step by step formulas so it’s not hard – Anyone can follow how to SEO and copy me exactly.

You don’t have to buy some expensive SEO book to get the truth. My competitors are going to hate me for this, guess what… I don’t care! You can start seeing results in just a week or two, so fast you will not believe it! No SEO book here, no way, I have just upgraded SEO Surge Solutions to a video SEO tutorial.

I stand behind my methods 100%. They work for me and they will work for anyone willing to give them a try. Do as I say and you will see real SEO training and results real fast!


Will This System Really Work For Me?

Yes it will work for you too!

I don’t care what your website is about. If your selling something, trying to get opt-ins, or any other type of business my how to SEO training will work for you.

That’s the beauty of my SEO tips, there not tied to any specific type of product. The fact is you could be selling some kind of product I do not approve of… Fact is my SEO course is still going to work wonders for you.

This means you have complete flexibility to implement my methods and make money in so many different ways from free targeted SEO traffic.

Look if you are trying to run a business online free search engine traffic is going to boost your profits like you would not believe.  How much more money do you think you would make if you had a number one search engine listing?

An extra $1000 a month? $2000 a month? Depending on your niche you could be making tens of thousands more per month. Now that would be life changing!

There is absolutely no catch to this SEO tips course… SEO Surge Solutions is the best!

I am giving you the keys to the SEO kingdom, what you do with them is totally up to you.


So Why The Videos Chris?

Hey if you prefer to read an SEO book, well then this product is probably not the best one for you. Although I my video course is better than any SEO book ever produced.

Most people including myself learn better by watching rather than reading. I get it and I agree with you. That’s why I created the most up to date, amazing videos that walks you through every single step of SEO strategy so you can achieve top notch success.

You get everything you need in order to implement the SEO Surge Solution! My videos make sure you get it right the quick and easy way!

The way I see it the more success you have the more success I will have.   So get to work and in a couple of months when your randed on page one be sure to send me an email and fill me in on your success. Believe me I get one every couple of weeks… are you next?

This Is The Fastest And Easiest Path To Do It Yourself Search Engine Success!

I know it’s a bold statement, but once you have my videos you will be well on your way to achieving that first page Google or Bing listing.

Put my SEO tips into play and watch your site quickly start to move up the search result page. Check where you're listed today, check where you are within one week… two weeks. You will not believe how fast you climb to the top of your niche.

Show Me How To Rank On The First Page Of The Search Engine For Both Google, Bing and Yahoo!
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Secure your copy today and thank me later.

To your Internet success!
Chris Douthit

P.S. Your success story will never be written until you take action. Remember my course is free so you have no reason to not take action and improve your SEO score right now!