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If you want to maximize profits through article marketing you are in the right place. Whether you hire someone to write the articles for you or write them yourself, I will show you how to get thousands of targeted free traffic every day with minimal effort. Article marketing can be amazing to a website owner as it is one of the only methods that delivers visitors in several different ways.


From the desk of: Chris Douthit

I have been Internet marketing since 2002 and have created several successful businesses. You know why they have all been successful? Traffic! And not just any traffic, In this case I am talking about highly targeted free traffic that converts better than any other form of traffic on the net.

Article marketing is also comes with a double edge! Not only do you get traffic from your articles, but each article you post increases your search engine score as well. Why are all my websites on the first page Google... Simple, article marketing!

Maybe you already have a web business or your just thinking about promoting your first affiliate program. It really does not matter, I guarantee I can show you how to get the highest converting traffic to any website through article marketing.

Article Marketing is one of the most profitable means for anyone to profit on the Internet. As long as you know what you’re doing and go through the proper steps you can begin sending FREE targeted traffic directly to any website you desire.

So what are the proper steps? That’s what I am about to show you right now. Learning how to do things the right way can be one of the toughest hurdles to overcome. That’s why I am going to give you my complete article marketing how to tutorial with all the latest and proven strategies at the lowest price ever!

I show you how to post profitable articles that send targeted traffic directly to any website. These visitors convert more than any other form of advertising. Plus, every click you get is free and traffic from any one article can keep coming in for years down the road.

Want FREE Traffic That Converts To Profit On 100% Autopilot?

Article marketing has quickly become one of the most cost effective ways to market any web business because it comes with almost zero risk. Everyday thousands of new people are leaping into article marketing and for good reason.

Article marketing makes it easy to level the playing field and makes it possible for beginners to compete in any niche.

The best part: Once you get your article posted, it keeps working for you again and again for possibly years to come.

Want To See Proof?

This is one ebook that I own that I only market through article marketing how to strategies. When I first started promoting it I had about 10 articles a week written. Today I still do about 3 articles a week, less than one hour of work. I receive a check when my balance hits $5000. As you can see, every 6 weeks I receive a check and its always more than the previous one. That's because the articles I submitted months ago still bring in traffic... Free traffic!

What Other People Are Saying About Article Marketing Studio


"I have changed from an average article marketer to a top article marketer"

"Chris your article marketing how to course is really a terrific product. The little tricks and tips you cover in the course have really given me an edge in the article marketing niche.

By combining all your article marketing tactics together I have changed from an average article marketer to a top article marketer.  Great advice, thank you!"

Scott Graham
Flowery Branch, Georgia



"It’s the only article marketing how to course I would recommend"

"Hi Chris,

I use to read your ebooks and as good as they all are I am loving your new video format. I ripped through your material and it’s the only article marketing course I would recommend to anyone! Once again, great work Chris!"

Bryan Waggoner
Fremont, Ohio



"I love the step by step approach"

"Chris, I am very impressed with your article marketing how to outline. I am new to this style of product advertising, but with your help I can now see how effective it is.

I love the step by step approach, exactly how to write a title to rank in the search engine, how to format your article body, the proper way to write a resource box. I am so pleased I picked up your material. Thank you Chris!"

Melissa Hardison
Fairfield, Texas



I cannot believe how many people are doing it wrong"

Just finished your videos and I have to say very good job Chris.

I then just looked though about 30 articles in Ezine Articles and wow, I cannot believe how many people are doing it wrong and it’s so obvious to me now.

Great course, but stop giving it away for such a low price, the more people who learn how to do it right the worse for me!

Kalee Brown
Carson City, Nevada

Why Is This Course Better?

  • This article makreting course has more accurate information than any other course out there today.
  • This article makreting course is now only $37.00 if you are reading this.
  • This article makreting course is also delivered to you in a video tutorial format. Not the standard ebook format you see with other similar material. Would you rather read some Word doc someone wrote out or a professionally designed video tutorial?

So Why Am I Going To Trust Your Methods Chris?

This is the latest tool in my arsenal that I have only been implementing for the last few of years, but have had such incredible results... with that I'm kicking myself for not starting any sooner.

But throughout this time I have been studying website analytics from every single article. I know exactly what techniques rank high with search engines and with readers. Sometimes I have wasted articles just to do experiments to see what ranks the best. Well the results are in!

You want to get an article on the first page of Google or Bing and get mountain of clicks my product will show you how.

What Can You Expect To Learn In My Video Course?

What exactly is article marketing and how to make it all work for you.
How to perform research and get tons of information so you can easily count like an expert on any topic for free.
How to write your article: Structure, format, what to put in and what to leave out for best results.
Complete keyword research: Know what keywords will convert best and how to include them in your article so the search engine cannot help but to rank you high.
The importance of the resource box and why I do it differently than almost everyone out there and why I get better results.
How to submit your article, do it my way and your life is going to become a lot easier.
The tools to make your article writing who whole lot easier. Don't want to write a single word? Well, you don't have to. Want to submit your article once and get it posted to thousands of sites? Well it really is that easy.
Plus a whole lot more...

Impressive, But Will This Really Work For Me?

My course will work for anyone who wants to succeed with an article marketing strategy. All my courses are of the highest quality. Anyone who wants to succeed can easily do so with my material.

Learn from someone who is already successful with this own article marketing business, someone who has produced many Internet courses and who has always delivered time and time again on this claims.

The most up to date Easy To Follow Article Course Ever Produced. Learn to Profit Online From A Proven Formula That Can Work For You.

I have taken sites from the Abyss and turned them into money making machines just by using articles Marketing.

These article marketing videos are cutting edge and will make a real difference in your life as soon as you decide to pull the trigger. You will be amazed at how easy it is to make a living online when you use article marketing right.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, my 6 part video tutorial lets you go at your own speed. Rip through the 6 parts and get going by tonight or take it slow, its your choice.

Each article you submit allows you to get better and better at the process - soon you will have so many profitable articles generating income you will have more free time than you ever imagined. Think it's hard to do? Think again!

Are These Videos Really Priced This Low?

I could easily sell this tutorial for $97 or more, but I have a strong interest in watching you succeed. I am already successful and I want you to join the group. I had to teach myself the hard way. Sure, I bought some good products here and their, but as I am sure you know most don't deliver on their claims.

So yes! I am giving you this product for a big discount to give you ahead start on your business efforts.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the guru’s are playing games with you, I will never do that!

I am the 1st copyrighted AdWords author ever! I have top ranking search terms for competitive keywords for 3 years running. I have an email list of 100,000+. I have no desire to play any games, just deliver results!

Are These Videos Really Priced This Low?

I just want you know that the name Chris Douthit is associated only with quality products and there is no better way to do that than to give you this product at a deep discount. I only desire that you trust my product and my recommendations in the future.

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Within just a couple of hours you will have the knowledge and resources to put the advanced article marketing strategies into play.

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To your Internet success!
Chris Douthit

P.S. Remember there’s two ways of doing things – you can work harder or you can work smarter.  Working harder will also cost you more since you may have to make the mistakes I already made!  I’m giving you the keys to instant article marketing how to success.