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I released the first copyrighted Google AdWords book back in 2003 and I have been doing great things and finding new ways to make money with updated strategies on Google AdWords ever since. Let the proven pioneers of Adwords marketing show you how to profit as well. I can show you things no other pro even knows about, at least until they get my course!


From the desk of: Chris Douthit

I have been using Google AdWords since it was first introduced back in 2002 and I have taught thousands of people how to succeed with the pay-per-click search engine.

If you have used the Google AdWords pay-per-click system you know how frustrating it can be. Over 90% of the people who use Google AdWords fail and wonder why? Let me fill you in… if you are attempting AdWords without an expert guiding you on the “in's and outs” the “does and the don’ts” you will also fail.

You may think this is a dreadful process; you may get mad, frustrated, or angry and want to give up.

But let me tell you these are all positive feeling which you will soon discover. What??

Well positive thinking if you’re reading this right here right now. If you watch my AdWords Secrets Revealed video course all these feelings will be gone almost overnight, but your competition will still be feeling them all!

My easy to follow AdWords learning video tutorials takes you by the hand and lead you down the path of Internet marketing fortune with AdWords learning that works.

Those feeling of frustration you have are the same feelings your competition faces each and every day. Who is going to take action turn it around first you or them? Learning how to AdWords first mean you stay ahead of the game.

Who Are You Chris?

I wrote the first copyrighted AdWords guide ever produced in 2003, that AdWords learning course literally helped thousands achieve success on the AdWords system. And I have continued to improve my pay-per-click methods ever since, updating all material every time Google makes a change to its system.

lf you are like most people you have never really taken advantage of the true power of Google AdWords...

But with the right method, AdWords tips can easily multiply your business income by as much as 600% simply by writing and publishing low-cost high-converting ads and driving anxious buyers to your offers.

My AdWords tips video course covers topics no other pay-per-click professional has even hinted on. Such as why you may be able to lower your bid price yet increase the number of times you ad is clicked... Really?

How About Massive Success

I know with a little dedication and my AdWords learning video tutorials you will be right where I am making hundreds and even sometimes thousands of dollars each and every day. There is a lot of opportunity to make big money on learning how to AdWords. Like I said before, so many people do AdWords the wrong way… you now have the opportunity to pass 95% of the AdWords users almost overnight.

Every marketer, business, or newbie can make big money on Google AdWords. My easy to follow step-by-step Adwords learning video tutorials put you a head of the game, even if you are a complete newbie to the Internet or pay-per-click marketing.

Don’t jump on board of some fly by night system that doesn't work… or works today but will soon be obsolete. Google AdWords works right now, it worked 5 years ago, and it will work decades into the future, this is a business skill that will be useful for now and forever.

Chris Why Is Your AdWords Secrets Revealed Course Better?

I know the AdWords learning system backwards and forwards, I issued the original copyrighted AdWords guide back in 2003. Do you want to buy from the original expert or do you want to buy from some copy-cat expert who lifted my techniques?

Sure you can learn AdWords from anyone, I am sure there are many good AdWords guides on the market today. But I include AdWords techniques no other AdWords expert even touches on… well that is until they copy me again.

Don’t try to learn from an AdWords guide, sure it can be done, but is a lot more work on your part. Wouldn’t you rather learn how to AdWords from a video tutorial format, a tutorial that’s currently the most up to date and complete AdWords course ever seen on this planet!

Plus I want you to succeed. I am looking at the big picture and know the more people I make successful the more successful I will be as well. That’s why I am only charging $27 for this AdWords video course! I should be charging far more! I know not everyone has deep pockets, so I want to make sure I can get this material to you for the lowest possible price.

Become successful, make lots of money through the AdWords learning system and when you do send me an email and let me know. I am always looking to add joint venture partners and I know there is no better partner than one I trained myself!

Plus I want you to trust me, my products and my recommendations. There is no better way to do that than to give you one of my best products at a deep discount. You will soon see I only produce and recommend the highest quality to my customers, unlike my competition I might add. If it comes from my desk you know it’s tested and approved to deliver on all claims.

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"Click thru rate to almost triple within just one week"


Just wanted to say thank you by providing you with a testimonial. Your Adwords tips has caused my Adwords account click thru rate to almost triple within just one week. Costs are down and clicks are up and we’re making more sales than ever before. Thanks again, we owe it all to you!"

Michael Duggan



"Making $800 in the first week of using it!!!"

"Using just 1 strategy you mentioned has resulted in over $1,816 in sales this week alone (I've only had AdWords Secrets a week). The ads that attracted those sales were the lowest avearge cost per click (by 2/3) of my other ads. The cost per conversion has been the best I've ever had.

You may think you're smart for writing such a useful course. But I'm smarter for buying it and making $800 in the first week of using it!!! Sucker!! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh............"

Brendon Sinclair



"Pointers for reseach cut my research time in half"


Your AdWords Secrets special report is exceptional and covers the essentials for running a successful AdWords campaign.

Particularly powerful was your section Google vs. other PPC, explaining that it's possible to run a campaign at Google for overlooked one-word keywords, while the very same keyword costs more a lot more elsewhere.

Your advice for running a successful how to AdWords campaign is so straight forward and the pointers for reseach cut my research time in half."

Armando B. Silva



"A no brainer for anyone looking to make money online"

"If you only buy one AdWords Guide on how to AdWords on the internet this year, this is the one! I sat down and locked myself in the room and watched these videos two times in a row to make sure I had everything down before I started.

I can honestly say, wow I am impressed. My business has picked up and my cost is down, way down! There was so much information in this course it literally blew my mind. This is a quality product and for the price this is really a no brainer for anyone looking to make money online."

Jeff Cooper



"Your Adwords Secrets Revealed video course is head and shoulders above the rest of the field!"

"This is the 3rd Adwords guide I have gone through. The first two where highly respected ebooks which sell for $97 and $77 respectively.  After reading each of them I thought they were both very good, but after watching your Adwords video presentation I am flabbergasted. Your Adwords Secrets Revealed video course is head and shoulders above the rest of the field! At only $27 what an amazing bargain.

Your AdWords videos where very entertaining and it was so much easier to take in a lot of information in a short period of time.  Your video does a good job of putting together a clear illustration of what is really going on, I didn’t have to piece everything together myself like I would with an ebook.

Great job Chris and to think I almost didn’t buy:)”

Rick Mosca



Does Your New Video Course Really Make A Different?

Google is always making changes to their AdWords network, changes that affect most people’s campaigns negatively. If your campaign is on autopilot you will soon find out your campaign is slowly moving down the list, soon it will be off to page two or three.

Again, this is good news for you, this means opportunity for proactive people like you to move up… that is if you take action with regards to the how to AdWords system. Watch your competition fall while you continue to climb to the top of the search results page.

I have helped literally thousands of people increase their business profits my staggering amounts. You could watch your profits increase by 200% to 600% or more within the first month.

My AdWords Secrets Revealed video addition is the most up to date and easy understand AdWords course ever produced. You want cutting edge learning material that will put you ahead of the pack, well you just found out. If you are serious about making money online then this is the product for you!

AdWords Secrets Revealed Video addition is a must anyone who wants to make money online. If you make money already, great your about to make more. If you’re a first timer, no worries our video tutorial is also perfect for you. I show you exactly how I make money on the pay-per-click engine from start to finish. Nothing is left out… nothing! I tell you secrets other pros have yet to discover. The best part is I have been using some these undiscovered tricks for years.

Does This Sound Good To You?

  Do you want to pay half of what your competitor pays per click and get listed above them?
  Do you want to improve your AdWords quality score?
  Do you want to lower your bid and get more clicks? Yes really!
  Do you want to be so competitive it becomes almost impossible to dislodge your ad from a top position?
  Do you want get more traffic, pay less for that traffic, and then get more sales in the end?
  Plus a whole lot more, I have barely scratched the surface of what’s inside my AdWords Secrets…


A 6-Figure Income Is Easily Obtainable With The Right AdWords Tips

I will walk you through the correct way to set up your AdWords account from start to finish, the AdWords tips and tricks you would have never thought of, although easy to do once you are informed.

You know there are people making big money learning how to AdWords, many of them do not even know half the things you are going to know after watching my video course. They do a few things right and do them well. But just think about what you can do once you know the FULL story.

Look, would you rather sign up for one of these fly by night sites that does not tell you what they are selling? I see those everyday and never understand them. They might even tell you what they are not, but you cannot find out what they are until you order. Ok I see the marketing strategy there, I don’t like it and would never sign up for one of those personally, but that’s me.

"AdWords Secrets Revealed"

The most up to date Easy To Follow AdWords Course Ever Produced. Learn to Profit Online From A Proven Formula That Can Work For You.

My Teachings Has Literally Help Thousands Achieve online Google AdWords Success and It Can Help You Too!


I tell you exactly what you are going to get. A nine part video tutorial that teaches you how to dominate Google AdWords like a pay-per-click professional.

Using Google AdWords is probably the quickest and easiest way to start making big money on the Internet. Plus you know for a fact that the AdWords methods works. Thousands of people make big money knowing how to AdWords each and every day, that’s a fact!

Would you rather sign up for some mystery system that is NOT proven to work or a pay-per-click master course that is supplied to you by one of the most elite innovate AdWords expert on the planet. The choice is yours.

Have You Tried Other AdWords Guides And They Are No Help?

Well I am sorry to report most other AdWords experts don’t have the big picture in mind. I cannot say for sure if they are not sharing the full story with you or if they just don’t know the full story to begin with. Frankly I don’t care, it’s probably a little of both.

Adwords Secrets Revealed is just that, the secrets to a highly profitable AdWords campaign. I have seen courses sell anywhere from $47 to $500, some better than others. But it does not matter how much you spend, you’re not going to find any AdWords guide, video, report, anywhere that has more cutting edge AdWords knowledge than our reasonably priced AdWords Secrets Revealed. At only $47 it’s the highest quality AdWords course to date!

I could show a 13 year old kid with only a computer and an internet connection how to make money using the Google AdWords system. If you have a computer, Internet access and the AdWords Secrets Revealed video course you will soon have a much higher standard of living.

What You Have To Look Forward To

Within just a few hours you will be well ahead of 95% of all AdWords users out there. You will know exactly how to fine tune your campaign for continued success. Even the so called experts will have their hands full if you use the techniques in AdWords Secrets.

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Chris Douthit

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P.P.S. Stop wasting money on fly by night systems that do not work, spend your valuable time on a skill that will last you decades into the future. Just a little dedication and in a short period of time you will soon you will be spending your days any way you choose.